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♥ RULES + FAQ (Read before asking questions) ♥

Welcome to decadentdolls; pantheria's online garagesale. Here you will find all sorts of bits & bobs to buy/trade (SCROLL DOWN & CLICK ON THE LJ-CUTS TO VIEW ITEMS & DESCRIPTIONS). I usually only sell/trade from my own personal collection/wardrobe & rarely have duplicates though on occasion I may help family members or friends to get rid of unwanted things. There may be considerable delays in shipping to the US due to restricted customs. There is nothing we can do about this. We are not responsible for lost packages if you do not pay extra for insured tracking. We do always get Proof of Postage. CAN'T PAY NOW? DO NOT COMMENT OR YOU WILL BE BLACKLISTED! NO HOLDS OR LAYAWAYS EVER! All comments that are not replied to within 14 days may be deleted to keep this journal clean & easy to navigate. If you decide against buying/trading something please comment & let us know. All prices are shown in UK British Pounds (Pound Sterling/GBP), please use XE.COM for an idea on current currency conversions. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment in this post. DON'T FORGET to leave FEEDBACK once the transaction is complete. If you'd like to exchange links comment here with your Banners/Ads (Must be 88x31 in size) & just snap any of mine up that you like from my PROFILE page. READ THE RULES & FAQ BELOW BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS!!!

♥ Rules + FAQ ♥

Post here with your general Questions or Comments.
You must include the Order Form below with your payment. Unless otherwise stated.

Open to trades on some items. I especially love Part-Trades!
If trading your side of the trade must be sent & received first unless I have traded with you before!
Please do not send any packages to us via DHL. They are the most incompetent & poorly organized corporation out there.
All items are subject to highest offer/fastest payment if more than one person is interested!
Keep in mind the exchange rate & value of items when making an offer!
Only offer & pay in UK GBP (British Pound) currency.
UK Payment Methods: Direct bank transfer/Cash AYOR/PayPal.
International Payment Method: PayPal in British Pounds GBP ONLY.
I only ship to the confirmed address listed in your PayPal.
Please include all your details when shipping payment!
Shipping always includes postage, packaging & sometimes a handling fee (in case of our Shopping Service). Postage costs are not just the price of a stamp.
Use http://www.xe.com if unsure about currency exchange!
All items are shipped from the UK unless otherwise noted.
Prices do not usually include, shipping, insurance & fees unless otherwise stated.
Shipping costs depends on location. Please state your location clearly.
Shipping times vary depending on location & there may be delays. If you need something by a specific date please mention it prior to paying!
I always get Proof Of Postage but if you want tracking or insurance you must request it!
I am not responsible for lost or delayed items in the post!
Standard shipping methods are UK 1st/2nd Class & International Airmail.
All items sold unless otherwise stated are Pre-Worn & thus may show signs of wear & tear. I am not an online retailer & therefore cannot provide any guarantees, refunds or exchanges. All sales are final. It is the buyer's responsibility to ask questions before making a purchase.
All measurements are amateur, please allow for various errors!
All DIY items were not made by us & can vary in quality.
If freebies are mentioned you must specify which ones you want in order to received them. They will not be automatically included.
Only comment if you are serious about buying/No Deadbeats!
IF YOU ARE THINKING OF PURCHASING/TRADING DVD'S PLEASE CHECK FIRST WHICH REGION THEY ARE & IF YOU CAN PLAY THEM! I always have a mix of all regions in my collection. It is your responsibility to check.
DON'T FORGET to leave FEEDBACK once the transaction is complete!
If you'd like to exchange links contact us!
You can find my banner(s) on my Profile page.
Your banner must be 88 x 31 in size.
Contact E-Mail: DecadentDolls[at]googlemail.com.
I am constantly adding things, please visit often...
Blacklisted: fromjapan080/waffleatewalter/opheliadevaux/plainlittleduck...

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