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Welcome to decadentdolls Shopping Service. If you would like something from EBay UK, EBay Europe, any UK online shop or any physical shop we may be able to help you. Comment here with any questions or requests you may have or you can contact us directly: decadentdolls[@]googlemail.com. If you need to leave feedback please do so HERE! Any questions just ask! Please contact us first to check if your order is possible before sending us your order form.

Before commenting make sure you have read the RULES + FAQ
Include the Order Form shown above in your payment!
All prices are in British Pounds GBP (NOT EUROS)!
How much in "XXX" Currency? - Use XE.Com!
Confirm total before sending payment!


You E-Mail us with a list of what you want & where from (Including direct links & additional information such as size & colour choice or any other details) ---> We get back to you to let you know if it is possible or not ---> You confirm your order &/or any further details ---> We send you invoice #1 or you pay our PP directly ---> We order/pay for you ---> Once items have reached us we check everything ---> We send you invoice #2 or you pay our PP directly ---> We then ship your package off to you ---> We will keep you updated as much as possible ---> You receive your package ---> DONE!

Fee structure for online orders is as follows: Item total, shipping, shopping service fee & handling fee.
Fees for physical shop orders depend on complexity but usually around 20% of the total. Contact us to discuss details.
In-Store orders must be a minimum of £35.
You will always receive 2 invoices. #1: Item total + UK shipping (if applicable) + SS fee + handling fee & #2: Shipping to you + handling fee.

Online fee structure
£24.99 or less: flat fee of £5
£25 - £149.99: 20%
£150 - £299.99: 15%
£300 or more: 10%

Shopping service trade for anyone in Korea, China or Japan.
All prices are listed in British UK Pounds.
We can order from any UK shop that has a website as well as EBay & other auction sites. We may also be able to visit physical shops but this depends on how busy we are & at times this may not be available.
All payments are due in advance prior to purchasing & shipping.
For EBay auctions where the SS fee depends on the winning bid, the estimated total of your maximum bid including all SS fees is due in advance so payment can be made straight away on winning to the seller. This speeds up the process for everyone. Any excess will be refunded as soon as possible.
Please check the restrictions on what products can be shipped to you before enquiring about our service. We are not responsible for any additional shipping costs if anything needs to be re-shipped.
Only insured shipping is available on items over the value of £46 & we always get proof of postage.
Shipping costs are not just the price of a stamp.
Should shipping end up being more than quoted an additional invoice may be sent, especially on small SS orders where excess postage costs cannot be absorbed!
If the item becomes unavailable for any reason we will refund as soon as humanly possible.
An additional charge of £4 may be added to orders that require us to visit a physical shop that may be out of the way or when having to visit multiple shops unless we are going that way anyway. This is to cover bus fare(s) for one person or parking costs.
Internal shipping fees may apply for online orders. This depends on the individual seller's shipping policies.
A surcharge on very heavy or bulky orders may be added if additional packaging is required such as parasols, heavy shoes etc...
Please be patient when waiting for replies, this service is run by 2 people who have full time jobs. We may not always be able to check messages everyday. You can be assured we will reply as soon as possible.
We only offer a service where we make the purchase for you. We will not log into individual accounts nor will we accept parcels shipped to us without us having made the order.
Fees are non-negotiable.
We reserve the right to decline any request.
If you do not agree to these rules please do not use our service!

Some of the shops we can visit/order from: Body Shop, Pussy Boutique, Fruity, Get Cutie, Ju-Ju, Cath Kidston, Cybercandy, Top Shop, Primark, New Look, Miss Selfridge, H&M, Dave's Comics, Gap, Cyberdog, Boots, Tesco, Asda, Velvet... More will be added to the list as we think of them or feel free to make suggestions!

UPDATED: 01.04.2016
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